Get Started

Follow these steps to get your integration started.

The iHealth Open API uses OAuth 2.0 for security. OAuth enables users to use your
application or web-based software with their iHealth product without having to share

1. Register

a. Register your application or web-based software with the iHealth developer
    account,which is different from the developer sandbox account.

b. Include the following information:
    The name of your application;
    Application website;
    Authorization removal callback URL.

2. Authorization

a. iHealth will verify your information which may take 1-2 business days

b. Once verified, you will receive a Client ID and Client Secret via the registered
    email address

3. Connect Your Application to a User’s iHealth Account

a. iHealth Open API’s process is based on OAuth 2.0 protocol.
Use “client_id”, “response_type”, “redirect_uri” and “APIName” and obtain the
“code”, which is the key for “AccessToken” and “RefreshToken”
Use “AccessToken” and some related and necessary parameters, like “client_id”,
“client_secret” etc., to fetch iHealth product data, like blood pressure
measurements and weight
“AccessToken” is a type of temporary token; it will expire after 48 hours. So
“AccessToken” would need to be refreshed by the “RefreshToken” at a specific
period within 48 hours
Your application is connected to iHealth Cloud and you can now fetch user data via
the Open API.

Please use the below information to login and test your integration,
Password: 111111